Joining the Team

Revelation 3:8 states God opens doors no one can shut. The  first year of Sports Ministry was filled with God’s version of ESPN highlights.  We got a front row seat to see God redeem and transform lives.  We also had the privilege to share the Gospel with a hundred and fifty inmates at the Polk Youth Institute where we experienced God’s saving 23 of those inmates.  They were then placed into a Bible study for discipleship.  God also opened a door to go overseas to go to a country that is hostile to the Gospel.  While we were there we saw a young lady pray to receive Christ in a local restaurant.   For all who are championing this mission through prayer and finances, THANK YOU for being on the team! Crossroads Fellowship has appointed me to be a Community Sports Chaplain to reach out to the sports community in our area. This is a community supported youth outreach mission commissioned by and held accountable to Crossroads Fellowship. This role involves meeting with athletic directors, coaches, and players; speaking at their pre-game chapels, collaborating with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and raising up volunteers to serve specific teams. When we are on school campuses we are there to serve within guidelines given to us. We are not proselytizing or, promoting or even mentioning Christianity when we are serving at school generated functions. All activities where the gospel is shared are in venues in which students are fully aware of what they are attending. The vision of this mission is captured in this verse “…to run in such a way that we may win”  from I Corinthians 9:24. My goal is to help bring folks like you and area coaches together to equip our young people to run a victorious race in life. The most vital ingredient to victory is found in our adventurous relationship with Jesus Christ. For years, I have been fortunate to see God change lives through sports. I am raising my own financial support like many local missionaries do. This is your opportunity to participate by doing two things: investing in and praying for this outreach mission.  Your financial support will allow me to spend all of my time reaching out to school teams rather than spending time marketing this venture. I’m asking that you prayerfully consider being a participator and not a spectator in this new mission God has called me to. I need you as a prayer partner; and if you are able, as a financial partner too. While I find it difficult to ask for support, I have been encouraged by so many friends to do so when they sense as I do God’s clear leading for me to continue to follow this opportunity. I thank God for teammates like you!  It sets me free to do what I know God has been preparing me to do. As you pray, ask God to give you a specific time to pray for me weekly; and most of all, ask Him to use this ministry to build His kingdom and to greatly bless this ministry He has begun.  I invite you to come to the equipping class on Sunday mornings if you are seeking a place to plug in and grow. I would like to hear back from you. I will be corresponding with you to give you the “ESPN highlights” of this new journey. Champion the cause!  Let’s see His kingdom come and God’s will be done in and through the sports teams in Raleigh!   It’s been an amazing year, let’s make this year beyond what we can imagine! To Donate, we two options available: 1. Pay online at or directly here at donate online. 2. Write a check to Crossroads Fellowship and put “Sports Missions” in the memo section then mail to Crossroads Fellowship 2721 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh NC 27604 or Call 919-981-0222 ask for Sarah Bandy to do a direct deposit.

On His team,

Pat Teague                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Director of Sports Missions Outreach

Crossroads Fellowship