When your coach tells you that if everyone executes their responsibility at their position THIS PLAY WILL SCORE, so you pay careful attention to your assignment. Well, if you execute these “6 plays” on a daily basis you are always one moment away from scoring in life on and off the field!

The SMO wheel is a steering wheel to direct you to your destiny.        SMO Bookcover Front only for Web image

You must place both hands on the wheel and let’s work together in reaching your destiny!

The pathway to grow from “Boys2Men” is a process in each area of our lives. You may have grown physically into a man, but have you grown mentally and emotionally (in the soul) so that you reach your destiny. I confess there are times I whine and complain and throw a fit when I don’t get what I want, when I want it! This is a good indication I have a lot of growing up to do! Where do we begin?

“If you daily choose to Diligently practice your Disciplines with Determination, Direction and Power using Discernment, then you will have a great Destiny.”

Let’s unpack this statement containing the 6 D’s that took a lifetime of triumphs and failures to learn:

First and foremost you have got to get direction. Pat Morley who lost $38 million dollars in one day once said, “You could climb the latter of success and find out the latter is leaning on the wrong building.”

You must be determined to stay committed to the course no matter what comes your way.  The lion which is mighty among beasts instinctively knows to retreat before no one. The only way to begin this journey is to define and refine these disciplines to be successful.  The disciplines can be athletic, academic or professional.  For example, if you are a linebacker you must perfect the art of delivering the blow-making tackles, reading offensive formations, and quickly recognizing whether it’s a run or a pass just to name a few disciplines associated with a linebacker that must be refined. Using discernment, you will evaluate where you are in the journey and what it’s going to take to get you to your destination. You may need wise counsel to assist you in the discerning process. This begins when you decide to pursue truth.

Once you have got your disciplines defined, you must practice them diligently until you become excellent. If you will diligently practice those disciplines then destiny is around the corner!

Your athletic destiny can be a moment you execute a play where the game is altered to a wining outcome for your team. Better yet, how about when you reach out to someone and their life is altered to a winning outcome?

So as you can see, if executed on a daily basis, these “6 plays” can make an impact on your life or someone else’s life. What if you do not execute? Then your life and others can be impacted negatively. You are always one play away from accomplishing your destiny in each area of your life.

Run the race that’s set before you whether it’s in the classroom, on the field or in the community.

If you would like a playbook please contact me or Lizzy Munter at lmunter@crossroads.org. (Playbooks are $5 each)